Working as a Library Assistant in North Notts College, one of Jade Brunt’s most important daily responsibilities is face-to-face interaction with students, helping them with a variety of requests.

Appreciating an aim for professional self-development, Jade has completed both the Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeship in Customer Service in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Jade said: “From my apprenticeships I would say that I’ve improved both my writing and speaking skills by a good deal.

“My written skills are definitely used in my everyday working role; we produce a lot of written correspondence to students in the form of letters and emails – we also send out a lot of communications to students about competitions so you need to be able to write effectively to get your point across.”

“We also help students as a service with their writing skills. We provide guidance for academic writing and help develop English students’ linguistic comprehension by providing reading skills such as our Get Reading challenge which runs every February to June. We’ve recently signed up the English group to this challenge.”

Jade also provided an insight into how completing her apprenticeships has helped improve her levels of self-assurance.

Jade said: “Earning these qualifications has helped develop my confidence. Without this, I wouldn’t be able to deliver as effectively as I do today. For example, when students ask me questions I am now a lot more confident in my answers and the students are getting a better service because of it.

“I feel more prepared in demanding situations; I feel like I know what I’m doing with many tasks. My Level 3 in Customer Service provided me enough knowledge to mentor my colleague Jess through her Level 2 in Customer Service – it’s enabled me to say ‘you know what, it’s alright, let’s get through this, we know how to do this.’”

Senior Library Assistant Lynda Rose also works at North Notts College library and is the member of staff Jade reports to. Lynda works as part of the same team as Jade and provides guidance wherever necessary.

Lynda said: “Jade has excellent customer service skills. Her positive and proactive attitude to her role has meant she has gained valuable qualifications relevant to what she does every day.

“Jade has produced numerous excellent informative displays in the College library, promoting our resources and services. Examples include a ‘Mindfulness’ display with a Powerpoint presentation which is currently running in the library PC drop-in area to support the College’s commitment to mental health awareness. Other examples include Jade taking the lead in several library projects including our 2018 and 2019 Six Book Reading Challenge; this encourages our leaners to practice their English reading skills.

“This commitment to serve the College’s student community has helped develop a positive library environment for all our users.

Jade provided advice for anyone thinking of applying for an apprenticeship to consider.

Jade said: “My advice would be to find something you feel like you’re comfortable with; you need to find a role you’re going to enjoy and have an interest in. Make sure you ask around for availability, support and get a good feel of what it is you’re interested in.

“An apprenticeship isn’t something to go into and mess about at – its’ real life and a real job. You get paid for it and gain that dream qualification at the same time so it needs to be approached with commitment.

“Apprenticeships are fantastic – it’s a gateway to both any dream job you want and higher education too.”

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“Earning these qualifications has helped develop my confidence. Without this, I wouldn’t be able to deliver as effectively as I do today.”

Jade Brunt
Customer Service Apprenticeship

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