Former North Notts College student Lisa Hocking studied English and maths and Access to Higher Education. Lisa is now the Senior Leader, Safeguarding Lead and Social Worker at Holgate Meadows Community School.

Lisa said: “As a mature student studying later on in life I did find it quite daunting initially but immediately on starting the course I had a lot of support from staff and also I met some lovely people which gave me the confidence to believe in myself.”

Lisa’s role at Holgate Meadows includes a wide variety of important tasks, such as acting as a link between the school and families of learners.

Lisa said: “My role is kind of a mediator if you like at times and I try and build relationships between home and school. It’s taking a holistic approach working with families and outside agencies as well.”

Lisa says she has a very fulfilling role, satisfying her drive to help improve the lives of learners.

Lisa said: “Basically I was very passionate about making a difference so when I set my goal out to become a social worker I wanted to make a difference.

“I believe that being a social worker, I’m in a very privileged position to help make a difference.”

With Lisa’s qualifications gained at North Notts College, her career prospects improved dramatically for roles suited to her values.

Lisa mentioned: “Once I was qualified there were lots of different job opportunities; I could have become a social worker or family support worker. There were positions within schools, multi-agency and voluntary organisations.

Lisa added: “I feel that the skills I learnt from my course were increased confidence in my own academic abilities, research, analytical skills and the ability to expand my knowledge in relevant subjects to social work.”

For current and future North Notts College learners, Lisa wanted to give some valuable advice.

She remarked: “My advice to anybody wanting to do a course at North Notts College is to simply go for it. I was very successful at college, which taught me that if you want to achieve something you can achieve it.

“Go for it. If I can do it then you can.”

“I was very successful at College, that was brilliant for me, and it taught me that if you want to achieve something you can achieve it.”

Lisa Hocking
Access to Higher Education

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