After completing his GCSEs at Valley Academy, Ryan started a Level 2 Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship at Rotherham College, and later transferred his studies to North Notts College and moved onto the Advanced Apprenticeship.

“Now I have completed my Apprenticeship I can begin to reap the benefits of training on the job and luckily for me there was a job at the end,” said Ryan.

He added “The facilities at North Notts were spot on with up-to-date equipment and resources. The atmosphere was great and the classes are small and everyone got on. There was no messing about either, the tutors were quite strict on discipline and taught us to be respectful of our environment and others, as the workshop can be a dangerous place to be.”

“I have no regrets and I am happy in my work.”

“I would love to become a manager or even own my own garage one day.”


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