Learner-led Charity Event Raises Money for Mind

14 May 2019

Sports students have organised and ran a fun charity event in support of the mental health charity Mind.

The students arranged themselves into different responsibilities; some collected money, others performed exercise challenges and the rest acted as motivators to those attempting the fitness challenges.

Fitness challenges involved the participants collectively lifting the weight of a standard British Army tank, rowing the distance of the English Channel, cycling the distance of the Tour De Yorkshire and walking the distance from John O’Groats at the top of Scotland to Lands End on the south coast of England.

Wearing a neon-pink tutu, Level 2 Sports student Thomas Ogley helped arrange the event.

Thomas said: “We’re doing a charity event to raise money for Mind. We decided to choose this charity collectively to help support it.

“We’ve had to try to row the distance of the English Channel; I’m not sure if I’ve managed it! We’ve got tally sheets to mark down our progress. Another activity has been to collectively lift the weight of a standard British Army tank.”

Thomas added: “I hope we raise awareness on what Mind does and hopefully we’ve raised some money.”

Level 2 Sports students Chloe Hird and Rezija Berzina also helped arrange the event.

Chloe said: “It’s been challenging; one of the cycle challenges has been to collectively cycle the distance of the Tour De Yorkshire. We’ve also had to walk the distance from John O’Groats at the top of Scotland to Lands End at the bottom of England.

“I think it’s gone alright today; I hope that we’ve raised enough money to help out the charity.”

Rezija added: “I was part of the motivation team; I hope my part has helped people reach their fitness goals today.”

Sport Lecturer Elizabeth Birdsall helped supervise the students during the event.

Elizabeth said: “I’m incredibly proud to see our learners organising a fun charity event together. They’ve arranged people to collect money, exercise challenges and goals to reach and people to motivate those attempting these challenges.

“They’ve raised £30 for the mental health charity Mind and should be very pleased with their efforts.”


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The sport students who ran a charity event in support of Mind.


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