Summer Activities

05 June 2018

Are you looking at activities to start this summer to keep you busy? We have compiled a list of top activities that will keep you active over the course of the summer.

Why not start a sport? This could be anything from football to badminton, there will be plenty of events taking place over summer you just need to make sure you are looking in the correct place. Why not try your hand at a new sport, ever heard of orange races? Well if you haven’t get a couple of your friends together by some oranges and get to your nearest hill and get racing them down the hill. This fun and unusual race first occurred in the 16th Century.

Another fun activity could be to visit places you’ve never been too but always wanted to go, grab a few friends or a relative and get exploring! Why not learn a new skill? Try learning to play a new instrument you never know you could have a secret talent. Do something you’ve always wanted to do whether that be start the gym or travel to a nature valley.

We hope you have a lovely summer, if you need anything please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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