Level 2 Sport students group up for a photo atop of Snowdon.

A Fantastic Experience

19 July 2016

Level 2 Sport students had an amazing adventure when they climbed Snowdon and reached the summit in some pretty horrific weather conditions recently.  Pictured are the eleven students who attempted the summit, Zeena Robinson being one for them.  Zeena has physical mobility issues and to make this trip inclusive for her it was arranged for her to go up to the top of Snowdon via the Snowdonia railway.

Keeley Ward, an Learning Support Assistant (LSA), who has been supporting Zeena since last October, has seen her confidence grow from strength to strength. She assisted Zeena for the trip and encouraged her to attempt to make the summit once the train had dropped them off near the top.

“The weather had deteriorated when we reached the drop off point and we were confronted with hail stones and thick fog.” said Keeley. “Zeena took my arm and tried the first couple of steps, at this point I was encouraging her and told her she could do it if she took her time. As the path became very narrow others had to wait for us to pass. I was amazed at how many members of the public stood patiently in the hail and began encouraging Zeena to reach the top.

“After 10 minutes in the awful conditions Zeena made it to the summit which was a fantastic achievement for her. I was so proud of her.”

“As a new (LSA) this year, the experience was fantastic and seeing a learner who was low in confidence and finds daily walking a challenge reach the summit was extremely rewarding. The sports team in Alan Viggers and Lucy Willets were fantastic and the organisation, motivation and team spirit given by these added so much more. It was a privilege to support Zeena with this adventure and to be out with such a polite and fantastic bunch of students who did North Notts College proud with their responsible attitudes and achievements. Roll on next year!”

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