Our goal is to help students in life by preparing them for employment, adulthood and personal independence.

Our department offers a range of tailored support ensuring that the unique needs of each person we work with are met.

You can choose from one of our four, project-led pathways depending on your personal aims and ambitions; Independent Living, Horizons, Pre-internships or Supported Internships with each pathway intended to help you towards one of two key goals – adulthood and independence or employment. We’ll also help you with your English, maths and IT skills. Students learn in small groups and are taught by specialist staff on our project-based curriculum.

Throughout their time at College, students will have the chance to try different vocational subjects such as hairdressing, construction and engineering, and get involved in community projects. This provides the learners with exposure to all the fabulous facilities available across our College Group’s sites (Rotherham College, North Notts College and Dearne Valley College). 

As well as our vocational facilities, our FLEX department also offers specialist such as: Sensory rooms, sensory gardens, working kitchens and living spaces for practical role play and developing independent life skills.

We have strong partnerships with local businesses and organisations and work with them to get involved in community projects. You’ll also have the chance to take part in a wide range of health and wellbeing activities, from fitness classes to music and art therapy sessions. We’re also looking to start a disability sports league.