Protective Services students wearing army clothing

Students Gain Valuable Insight into Army Life Through Work Experience Week

18 June 2024

Over the course of two weeks, Protective Services students participated in a dynamic work experience placement at Holcombe Moor and Chetwynd Barracks. Designed to prepare participants for potential military careers, these programmes gave them a taste of real-world Army training. Take a look at the photos below.

Organised by regional recruitment groups, the week allowed students to engage in activities such as leadership exercises, command tasks, weapon handling, drills, and field survival skills. Taking part in the programme were Level 3 students who are considering careers in the military.

Throughout the week, students interacted with serving soldiers, gaining invaluable knowledge and advice. They learned how to set up a harbour area, master camouflage and concealment, and conduct section attacks. During night reconnaissance, students were tasked with setting up and sleeping in shelters called bashers, even enduring rain overnight.

Josh Bownes, one of the participants, expressed his enthusiasm for the programme, stating:

“It gave me an insight into Army training and what to expect. It was a good but difficult experience, you’ve got to power through it. Keeping a positive mental attitude is key”.

Students also received hands-on experience with a range of military equipment, including the standard issue SA80 assault rifle, Glock 17 handgun, General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) and an N-LAW missile launcher. On the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) range, students practiced handling the SA-80 safely, firing at simulated targets. Despite the intensity of the training, everyone found the experience rewarding and beneficial.

Beyond the physical training, the College programme has offered insights into various career paths within the military and public services. Students have attended career talks, demonstrations, and visited institutions such as RAF Cranwell, AFC Harrogate, and Nottinghamshire Magistrates Court, broadening their horizons and understanding of future opportunities.

As students return to their classrooms with newfound knowledge, the work experience programme continues to shape the aspirations of future servicemen and women. Another trip is scheduled for June with more protective service students.

Tom Betts, Protective Services Lecturer, said:

“Trips like these are absolutely invaluable. They give our learners a chance to experience military life in as close to realistic conditions as possible. They will learn a great deal that they can take forward into their potential careers”.

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