A piece of artwork from Amber's The Rainbow Series project.

Aspiring Artist Creates Lockdown Inspired Rainbow Series

2 September 2020

North Notts College Art and Design student, Amber Griffiths, has used our new normality of social distancing and being in lockdown as the inspiration she needed for her final project.

Amber, who studies Level 3 Art and Design at Retford Post 16 Centre (campus of North Notts College), has drawn on the experiences of her local community as they have adapted to the many changes caused by the current situation. The Rainbow Series has been created by asking her followers on social media to submit drawings or photographs of their lockdown experiences.

Amber’s overriding aim for the 10-piece series is to put a smile on the faces and bring a moment of happiness to those chosen to receive one of the final pieces.

Talking about the project Amber commented: “I was really excited to work on this project, it felt like a project that could help make a difference.

“It was tough at the start as I found I was overthinking my ideas and what medium to use; so I decided to work from the original pieces that people had sent me, and instead of planning the idea first I changed my process to create a rough idea and then develop the final piece from there. I’ve ended up using a range of materials and processes, from watercolour and inks to collages and unusual materials like foil art.

“This project was about doing something that would have a positive effect on people. It wasn’t about having an extravagant idea or reaching a massive audience, I just wanted to create something that would brighten someone’s day or put a smile on their face. Hopefully, the 10 people that receive one of the finished pieces will enjoy their new piece of art!”

North Notts College Programme Leader for Art and Design Jonathan Roberts has taught Amber over the last two years and has seen this project develop from her initial idea to the finished product.

Jonathan said: “Amber’s project is really interesting, the inspiration for the idea, and the way the ideas have been generated online, mirrors how our lives have changed over the last few months.

“I’m proud of the work that Amber has created, and the way that she and all of the learners have adapted their ways of working since the end of March has been inspiring.

“With the future still relatively unclear I hope that her final pieces help bring just a little happiness to those lucky enough to receive one.”


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