Level 3 Sport students took part in the charity cycle challenge for Children in Need.

North Notts College Learners Pedal Power Provides for Children in Need

4 December 2019

Learners and staff at North Notts College have been raising funds for a wheelie good cause; taking part in a charity cycle challenge for Children in Need. The fundraising challenge took place on a state-of-the-art Wattbike in the main reception at the College and saw the learners raise a total of £128.13 for the worthwhile cause.
The sporty trial brought together learners and staff from across a range of curriculum areas including Sport and Construction, with each taking a two-minute stint in the saddle.
The charity challengers were given extra incentive to pedal as hard as possible as the challenge had a friendly, but competitive edge; learners from Dearne Valley College took part in the same challenge with bragging rights available to the College who covered the greatest total distance and raise the most money.
Staff and learners from across the two College’s covered a combined total of over 73,000 metres, or just over 45 miles. North Notts College learners and staff powered their way to a staggering 39,403 metres in just one-hour!
RNN Group Learner Event Coordinator, Carmen Vine, arranged the inter-college fundraising events.
Carmen said: “We talked about the importance for raising awareness for Children in Need in Colleges and how it’s important that learners know about this. I don’t think a lot of learners understand the concept of what Children in Need promote; they see it sometimes more as just an opportunity to come to College dressed up, so we’re trying to change that.
“We’re hoping to raise funds and do this sort of challenge every year moving forward.”
North Notts College Level 3 Sport learner Chloe Rose was amongst the first learners to complete her two-minute stint in the saddle.
Chloe said: “We’re taking part in a cycle challenge for Children in Need. We’re all pedaling as fast and as hard as we can to go as far as possible in two minutes. There’s a bit of a competition between us and Dearne Valley College to see who can travel the furthest distance.”
Another early participant was Level 3 Sport learner Leighton Marshall. Leighton spent a particularly ferocious couple of minutes pounding the pedals and covered an impressive distance.
He said: “I’ve managed to do 1500 metres in 2 minutes, which has helped us towards a total so far of 4600 metres. It’s good to take part in fundraising that’s normally quite active. It feels food because you’re helping people in need.”
Another learner who took part and propelled the pedals in aid of Children in Need was Level 2 Site Carpentry learner Calvin Johnson.
Calvin explained: “I’ve taken part to help raise money for charity. Helping out and raising a bit of money makes you feel good.”


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