The Bishop of Sherwood with representatives from local Christ Church and St Anne’s Church

Church visits North Notts College students

27 September 2018

Students and staff at North Notts College benefited from a visit from the Bishop of Sherwood, and representatives from local Christ Church and St Anne’s Church.

The students took part in a talk held in the College’s theatre to discuss the benefits and importance of faith in a person’s life and how people of different faiths can get along and work together.

Vicar Luiz Lima, from Christ Church, said, “It’s my first visit to North Notts College, many of our community have students here so it’s great for us to get involved. We are here to serve the community, it’s a joy to be here.”

The Bishop took questions from the staff and students and reminisced about his last visit and the prayer room that was added to the College for everyone to use.


The church and the College are working together to arrange future visits and enrichment activities, for more information or to submit your own questions about faith visit

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