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Counselling Visit

5 May 2017

On Thursday 20th October students studying the Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Practice were visited by the Counselling Service Co-ordinator at Queen Elizabeth High School, Diane Hall.

Diane shared her own experiences of being a trainee with the group, to provide the learners with a new perspective on the practice. She focused mostly on describing the dynamics of the relationship with the client, educational development and the practicalities of being a trainee whilst undertaking a supervised counselling placement.

In order to achieve the qualification, the Level 4 Diploma requires learners to complete 100 hours of voluntary counselling. Alongside her insight into the industry, Diane offered placement opportunities at Queen Elizabeth High School to the group. Since the visit, three of the learners have taken an interview for the position, two of which have accepted their offers and are now settled in their placements.

All of the students were very grateful for the talk, benefitting from the increase in their confidence of applying theory to a real work environment as well as their ability to answer practical questions about working with children and young people.

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