Leonie Lightfoot from Chimp management giving a talk to the students.

North Notts College Host Inspire Week With Series of Brilliant Guest Speakers

4 May 2022

Studying at College is about so much more than just learning a new skill or acquiring fresh knowledge – it’s about gaining an understanding of yourself and figuring out who you want to become. 

Finding your place in a world filled with countless careers and endless possibilities can sometimes be daunting. To help students with this, North Notts College invited a series of guest speakers from a range of different industries to speak to the students for North Notts College’s Inspire Week.


The Speakers 

Steve Sallis, author of ‘Educating Football’ and England Men’s U-15 Mental Conditioning Coach, kicked-off the Inspire Week on Monday, before Oliver Newton spoke to the students on Tuesday, about his inspirational battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety and depression. 

On Wednesday, Leonie Lightfoot from Chimp management, inspired the students as she spoke about the importance of understanding your own mind, especially as a young student. 

Thursday saw former professional football player Luke Staton take centre stage, who spoke about his experiences following his career-ending injury and how the students can achieve greatness no matter the obstacle. Luke also spoke about his experiences of working under some of the most experienced managers in England, such as Roy Hodgson and Kenny Daglish.

Finally, the week was rounded off by Positive Psychologist, Martin Burder, who roused students and staff with scintillating questions and the science behind happiness, positivity and success, and how students can help each other with the right mindset. 


What They Said

Students, staff and the speakers were full of praise for the Inspire Week, with many of them commenting on the importance of incorporating these types of guest talks in the College experience. 

Level 3 Public Service student Ritchie Houghton was one student who felt inspired after the week. 

He said: “The talks throughout the week have been inspirational. The speakers have covered matters that I can relate to and I feel like I can use the tools they spoke about.” 

Level 2 Childcare student, Jayce-Leigh Taylor was another who commented on the value of the talks. 

She said: “I’ve learned a lot from the talk. 

“Even If you don’t end up going down your planned path, there’s always another path, and it’s made me start to think that if you put in the hard work and really try then you can achieve something amazing.” 

Former professional footballer for Worksop Town FC and Retford Town FC (Home to North Notts College’s two campuses) as well as Blackburn Rovers and Bolton Wanderers, Luke Staton lauded the Inspire Week

Alongside some of the other guest speakers, Luke will be spending the next four weeks doing one-on-one sessions with students at North Notts College to help them set up clear goals and aims in life and look to create a bigger, exciting picture for them. 

Speaking about these sessions, Luke said: “We’ll be working with the students to see what goals they want to achieve and helping them get out of their comfort zones and build relation skills that will hopefully help them throughout their lives. 

“If we can combine education with inspiration, we can see some truly wonderful results!”


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