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Secret recipe of success: The Three-Second Exercise for College Students

27 October 2022

FOMO Alert! May contain graphic description of college students missing out.

Sophia always tells the best stories. If anything crazy, wonderful, or unbelievable happened, she was there. It’s because she went to college every day and never missed anything. Be like Sophia.

Successful people wake up early in the morning and have a reason to get out of bed. If you are taking half an hour to get out of bed, you are likely to have an unproductive day or miss out on something.

The secret trick to be successful and happy in life just takes three seconds. The trick is to not think about the whole day and how many things you have to do. Instead, just get out of bed in the first three seconds after you wake up. When you’ve done the hardest part of the job, everything else becomes easy.

If you are able to pull yourself together in the morning and reach your college on time, you will not just discover a new you, you will not miss anything special going on in your campus (just like Sophia). In short, you don’t want to be the only one not there when something great happens and your mates mention it for years.

Who knew the path to success was as simple as getting up and going to the college? It’s not just what we think, we have the numbers to prove it. A research conducted with college students yielded that students with higher attendance were more likely to achieve better results in their grades. The graph below shows the relation between college attendance and grades attained.

Graph showing the relation between college attendance and grades attained

The #loveyourcolleges campaign is just a reminder that this is the best time of your life. Enjoy it by living each day, and you will have a precious memory (or a loony story like Sophia) of each day you went to college – and that is the best gift anyone can get. Just remember, the first three seconds is all it takes.

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