A Levels or T Levels – which one should I choose?

T Levels – What do other students, parents and employers say?

4 July 2023

Over the last few months, our T Level blog has focused on aspects including the difference between T levels and vocational courses, A Levels and T Levels: which one should I choose, how T levels can help you, the T Levels RNN Group of Colleges is offering in September and Industry Placements.

As the RNN Group starts them in September – rather than writing another article on T levels this month – we are focusing instead on what other stakeholders say about T levels. Visit the links below to listen to what current students, parents and employers say about T Levels:

If you are a student, then you can hear what others say here.

Employers can find out more information here.

For parents, there is some handy information on the Government T Level website.

For more information on our T Levels visit:

For more information on our Study programmes Levels 1-3 courses visit:

For more information on Apprenticeships:

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