Sports – Alfie

Sports – Alfie

6 July 2023

Shortly after completing his Level 3 Sports Coaching Course, Alfie Perkins managed to secure a contract as an assistant coach. We caught up with him to ask a few questions about how he had found studying his course at Retford Education Centre.  

When did your passion for sports begin?

“In secondary school, I trained with the basketball club and managed to make the team. From here, my passion quickly grew, and I decided to take sports as one of my options. I didn’t realise until after finishing secondary school that I wanted to pursue sport as a career, which led me to where I am now.”

Why did you want to pursue a career in this industry?

“When thinking about the future, I believe there is no point in pursuing a dull career. Being involved in sports has always given me joy, so I wanted to turn my hobby into a job. Also, the sports industry is ever-changing, so there will always be a need for professionals equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.”

How have we supported you through your course?

“I have created a close connection with my tutors, meaning I can confidently ask them questions, no matter how big or small. On the days we are not at college, our tutors operate an open-door policy, so face-to-face support is always available. This has helped me stay on track with my studies and overcome any challenges I have faced along the way.”

Overall, I feel like college gives you the freedom to explore what you enjoy rather than being pushed down certain routes.

Alfie Perkins, Level 3 Sports Coaching

 What placements have you been involved in?

“Work placements form a big part of this course. In my first year, I spent three months at Outwood Academy Portland, acting as an assistant coach in PE lessons and as the head coach of the volleyball club. In my second year, I then spent three weeks running after-school clubs, leading as many sessions as I possibly could.”

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

“Last year, we had to create our own sports business, where we had to consider things like advertising, price points, and target audiences for the kind of club we would run. We then had to pitch our ideas dragon’s den style in front of the management team at North Notts College, which was fun. Overall, I feel like college gives you the freedom to explore what you enjoy rather than being pushed down certain routes.”

What advice would you give to someone considering this career?

“Take opportunities as they come, whether this be attending a trip or a talk by a guest speaker. Recently, SportsCool visited our college to speak with students about their business and an assistant sports coach vacancy that was available. Following the discussion, I was invited to a one-to-one chat, which led to them offering me the job.”

Where would you like to be in the next 5 years?

“My five-year plan has changed over the past two years. Originally, I was planning on starting university, but now I want to work in sports as much as possible over the next few years. By that time, I hope to have established a strong network of contacts, so that I can open my own volleyball coaching business.”  

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