We’re on Clearing and we’re here to help you!

If you haven’t yet applied to university, have changed your mind about your current course choice, or your circumstances have changed, then you can use Clearing to find alternative courses to study.

Results not what you expected?

Clearing is available from Wednesday 5th July 2023 to Tuesday 17th October 2023. If you have your exam results and no offers, you can use Clearing. You can also use Clearing if you have conditional offers but your exam results didn’t go to plan.

Want to know more? See below for our FAQs, top tips and advice for parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Top Tips for Clearing

Keep Focused

Last year, thousands of students secured college and university places through Clearing, so please try to stay positive.

You can feel reassured that there are still options available to you.

Consider your Priorities

What are your deciding factors? What’s important to you and the place you would like to study?

Is it the proximity to home, facilities or certain type of course? Only you can answer these questions, so have a think to make the best decision for you.

Have your Info to Hand

You’ll need:

Get in Touch

Keep your options open. Contact as many suitable providers as you can, to ensure that you have more possibilities available to you. This will be something that you can do via the UCAS website, and there is additional support through Clearing Plus.

If you are giving your information out, make sure that providers have your most up-to-date details, and can contact you when necessary.

Think, then Think Again

Don’t just jump at the first offer! You’ll be given time to consider – use it to make the best informed decision for you.

Reply by the Deadline Given

Make a note of the deadline that you need to reply by, and ensure that you contact your provider to accept a place with them.

Advice for Parents

Keep Calm

There are still places available through clearing, and also an additional support service called clearing plus which acts to ‘match’ applicants to suitable vacancies. Last year, thousands of students secured college and university places through Clearing.

The UCAS website also has resources and information dedicated to helping parents and guardians support students applying to uni, including videos, guides and a monthly parent newsletter.

More information about UCAS can be found here

Speak to Staff

Academic and support staff at school or college can provide impartial advice and guidance about moving on to higher education.

Teachers and Careers Advisers can provide information about options suited to the students’ strengths and have a lot of experience.

Contact Higher Education Providers

You may find it useful taking the time to view the UCAS website and websites of suitable universities and colleges.

After researching alternative options, applicants can then contact providers to express their interest in a course.

Be Prepared

We encourage applicants to have all their information to hand. When speaking to an establishment, it is likely that they will want to know the applicants results, and it would be very useful for them to have their personal statement, titles of courses and any UCAS codes to hand.

It is also useful to prepare a list of questions, to seek answers to any uncertainties.