Fabrication Welding Workshop

The Fabrication and Welding Workshop at College is the perfect place to spark your career into life. Learning from our vastly experienced teachers, you will develop all the skills you need to pursue a career as a fabricator and welder in both indoor and outdoor climates.


Our purpose-built workshop has been designed together with local employers to ensure that it replicates the working environment. It is fit with eight metal inert gas (MIG) bays and six tungsten inert gas (TIG) bays and comes equipped with all the material and tools you’ll need to succeed – such as: 

  • Pillar drills 
  • Sheet metal guillotine 
  • Bending and rolling machines 
  • Thermal cutting (max temp. 2803°C)
  • MIG tools (max temp 3000°C)
  • TIG tools (max temp 3380°C)
  • Pedestal grinders

And much more.

Health and Safety

The Fabrication and Welding workshop is a safe and clean environment, where every student and member of staff undertakes continuous health and safety training. This includes a health and safety induction and training before using specialised equipment and tools. Students are also expected to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes coveralls, safety boots and gloves, as well as ear and eye protection.