Bricklaying Workshop

Our Bricklaying workshops are the perfect place for you to lay the groundwork for your future in construction. At our Worksop campus, we have two industry-standard workshops with workspaces devoted to the training of your trade.


In our dedicated Bricklaying department you will work with the tools you’ll use in industry, such as:

  • Laser levelling kits
  • Trowels 
  • Spirit levels
  • Pointing irons
  • Cement and mortar mixers

And much more. 

Throughout your course, you will develop a wide range of skills within bricklaying, including the mixing, making and application of cement and mortar. 

Health and Safety

The Bricklaying workshops are a safe and clean environment, where every student and member of staff undertakes continuous health and safety training. This includes a health and safety induction and training before using specialised equipment and tools. Students are also expected to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes safety boots and high visibility vests.