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Access to HE: Poster Event and Celebration 2023

11 May 2023

On Wednesday, 3 May 2023, Access to Higher Education (HE) students showcased their final research projects in an academic poster event held at The Bridge Skills Hub.

Each poster exhibited in-depth research on various topics related to the diagnosis and management of physiological disorders conducted by Access to Health Professions students. The event proved to be a great success, attracting numerous visitors, including faculty members, prospective students, and locals.

As part of their final unit, students were asked to choose a physiological disorder and carry out an independent research task. Following that, they had to translate their findings into an academic poster, highlighting key aspects of the disease, including causes, symptoms, treatments, and preventative measures. All students were then graded from pass to distinction based on their communication, presentation, independence, autonomy, and research quality by their tutors.

At the event, a total of 29 posters were on display for visitors to view and discuss with the students who created them. Among these students was Emily, who focused her research on motor neurone disease, a debilitating neurological disorder.

She said: “Working as a carer has inspired me to study Access to HE and learn more about topics like motor neurone disease which I have witnessed first-hand in patients. We have been studying this unit for a while now, but as there are no teaching hours involved, it has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. My end goal is to become an operation department practitioner and this course has helped me secure a place at Sheffield Hallam University to pursue this dream.”

Access to HE courses can build up confidence, knowledge, and academic skills to prepare people for higher education, even if they left school without a technical qualification or A-Levels. For more information about these courses, please visit this section of our website.

Another student at the event, called Claire, focused her research on neurodegenerative diseases, in particular arthritis.

She said: “I have found this unit really fascinating and enjoyed researching my chosen disorder, arthritis. All units have tied together perfectly and the course has given me a solid foundation in health sciences. Today has been a fantastic opportunity for me to showcase all my hard work and dedication. Although the past year has been difficult at times, I have gained valuable skills that will aid me in my higher education journey.”

Ash Belsham, Course Leader for Access to Health Science Professions at North Notts College, praised all students for their hard work and dedication that they had demonstrated throughout the past year.

He said: “This event was a tremendous success and a chance for our Access students to celebrate their achievements. It is so rewarding to see them start this course and grow and develop into academics who are passionate about their specialties. This was clearly evident in the quality of the poster presented today. Very well done to everyone who attended. I look forward to next year’s event.”

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