The Construction department stood next to the brick heart.

Construction Craft Celebration of Love Our Colleges week

18 October 2019

Love Our Colleges week received a warm welcome when North Notts College Construction department built a heart-shaped brick structure.

The impressive structure was constructed to demonstrate the department’s commitment to North Notts College’s focus on developing key learner skills needed in their dream careers.

North Notts College Construction Team Leader Martin Lane and Curriculum Team Leader Neil McGough helped organise and build the feature.

Neil said: “This is all about showing the learners what college stands for. We’re here to support your progression, develop your skills and help you build the self-confidence so that you can hit the ground running in the world of work.

“Using the construction area to build a heart out of brick seemed a creative way to appropriately demonstrate the faith we have in North Notts College and the effect we have on our learners.”

North Notts College Assistant Principal Angela Bates welcomed visiting learners from other subject areas to see the brick heart.

Angela said: “Love Our Colleges is a well-deserved celebration of all the wonderful impacts college has on learners and their local communities. It’s brilliant to see our staff and students turning their skills into a physical embodiment of this.”

Level 2 Site Carpentry learner David Anderson-Price set up the supporting woodwork structure behind the bricks.

David said: “I want to work more in heritage, so the more I can get into that the better. North Notts College is how I’ll be able to do more work with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. I’m hoping to follow on from college with a 6 month heritage fellowship down in London.”


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