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“The Most Fun and Rewarding Job” – Careers in Childcare

12 April 2022

At North Notts College, our courses in Childcare combine classroom learning with work placements. This means that you’ll acquire all the key knowledge you need to develop as a Childcarer, where you grow your theoretical knowledge (e.g. Safeguarding) in the classroom, whilst learning how to understand, care for and develop children on work placement.

To gain a better understanding of why College is the perfect place to start your career in childcare and what that career can look like, we caught up with former North Notts College student and current Director of Pumpfarm Day Nursery, Jo Lawrence.


Careers in Childcare
Jo has been working with children for over 30 years and after completing her education in Childcare at North Notts College she tried her hand at all ages of early years education.

Speaking about a career in Childcare, she was brimming with enthusiasm.

She said: “It’s such a rewarding career!

“When you work with children it doesn’t really feel like work, and when you see how happy the children are it fills you with joy. Most of the time the children don’t realise that they’re learning. In our job we get to see how they develop everyday, which is so rewarding.”

As well as rewarding, Jo also underlined how fun a career in childcare is.

She said: “The most fun thing about my job is getting to work with children and watch as they develop, play and learn.

“When they are playing and learning it can sometimes get a bit messy, of course, but that’s part of the job. The most important thing is the Safeguarding of the children. Once you have that assured, your days are just filled with fun.”


Work Placement 
A big part of gaining your education to prepare you for your career in Childcare is going on work placement. At North Notts College, we work with primary schools, day care centres, nursery schools and childminder organisations in the local area, where you will attend work placement as part of your course.

Jo’s Pumpfarm Day Nursery is one of the nursery schools we work with. When speaking about work placements, she emphasised the importance of gaining experience alongside your theoretical learning.

She said: “When we take on student placements, we are here to give the students hands-on experience in the industry.

“Whilst on placement, the students do exactly the same as what the other staff members do. We play with the children and encourage them to interact with each other, learn about nature and try to ensure that the child is following their own interests.”

She continued: “When students first come to us on placement, the most important thing is that they learn to be comfortable around children and start to understand how children learn.”

Day-to-day life in Childcare 

The Childcare industry is one of the youngest and most vibrant professions out there, with close to 70% of people employed in the industry under the age of 45*.

At Pumpfarm Day Nursery, this happy and vibrant atmosphere is definitely in place. The 17 members of staff work from 7.30am-6pm four days a week, with a three day weekend.

Jo spoke about day-to-day life in Childcare at the nursery.

She commented: “There can sometimes be long hours, but because you work with children, time flies by. “Everyday they develop and learn and you get to be a part of that and help mould the children. That is just an amazing feeling.” Our Childcare courses at North Notts College give you the tools that you need to go into one of the most rewarding and fun industries out there.


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*Based on Labour Market Information from EMSI.

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