The winner of the computing department's student of the year award winner with the curriculum leader.

Shane shines with Student of the Year Award

17 May 2019

Level 5 Computing and Systems Development student Shane Price has been awarded North Notts College’s Computing Student of the Year Award.

The award is provided based on attributes the winning student has shown throughout the academic year and is given in recognition of these.

Shane said: “I think I won it because of my positive attitude to the assignments; I work hard on getting everything done as well as helping others achieve their goals.

“One of my classmates was looking for an algorithm and I helped guide them in the right direction. The next day they returned to class and managed to make their code work with this help.”

Curriculum Leader for Higher Education Computing and Digital Terry Wilding visited the class to present the award to Shane and congratulate him on his efforts throughout the academic year.

Terry said: “One of the reasons why Shane has won this award is that he is forever helping others – not just in his class but level 4 students too. There is a classmate of his who has a condition which means he can sometimes struggle; Shane puts himself forward in supporting him on a student-to-student level.

“I could definitely see him in some kind of support role.”

Shane agrees that he enjoys helping others and that part of this comes from his interest in hi studies.

Shane said: “I enjoy Computing so helping people in this is fun for me. I wouldn’t mind teaching; I like helping people on my course and others on lower levels with their assignments.

“If I don’t go into teaching then there is so much else you can do with Computing. You could do a Higher Education course and become a Web Developer or Network Engineer.”

Terry added the award was also in recognition of Shane’s work being the most improved in his class since last academic year.

Shane discussed how he achieved this through his strong work ethic.

Shane said: “Even when I don’t have class, I come into college whenever I can. I think this is very important for me to keep focussed and make progress with my assignments that I can be proud of.”

Shane’s award is an Amazon gift voucher.

Shane said: “I’ll probably put it toward a smart speaker – I’d love to get home and say ‘Alexa, I’ve finished college’ and then my bedroom lights turn to a certain shade and colour.”

Shane will begin his Level 6 Computing and Systems Development course at University Centre Rotherham at the start of next academic year.


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