• Do you want to serve your country or the public?
  • Are you thinking about a career within the uniformed services?
  • Could you see yourself as a member of the police, armed forces or fire service?

You will benefit from the expertise of teachers who have backgrounds in the armed forces and the prison service.

Our strong links with the armed forces enable you to take part in relevant visits and activities during your course, giving you valuable insight into the kind of work your chosen career might include. Fitness is also a major element of our public services courses, preparing you well for the armed forces or police force selection tests you may have to undertake.

You will need a good standard of English to communicate with members of the public and to write up notes and reports. Maths skills will be needed for map and compass work and for planning team requirements.

Courses available in:

  • Public Services Level 1
  • Public Services Level 2
  • Public Services Level 3
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Our courses ensure you will be able to understand all the opportunities available to you within the public services sector. Covering a wide variety of employment opportunities, you’ll be well prepared for your next step.

You will take part in activities and visits including the police, the army and the fire
services to help you make choices about your future career.

Students will learn outdoor subjects such as teamwork, navigation and employibility skills.

You will take part in cross college sports and competitions and take up opportunities for volunteering with local organisations.


Following the Public Services
route you could be:
  • Police Force
  • Fire Service
  • Armed Forces

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