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Blog: Be Bold – Creative Careers for the Creative Mind

16 October 2020

When you think of art, you might think of intricate paintings by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh or street artists such as Banksy. And when you think of design, you may think of adverts and graphic design.

And whilst intricate paintings, street art, advertising and graphic design can be reflective of Art and Design, this is a narrow view of the subject and the sector.

Art and Design is a multi-faceted subject, the parameters of what can be considered art are constantly evolving. Artists work with such a variety of mediums and materials, from paints and inks, papers and canvases to ceramics, digital programs, textiles and more.

What Career Could I Have in the Future?

A current North Notts College student, Rebecca Blount, who is studying Art and Design at Retford Post-16 Centre, answered this question by saying:

“Art is involved in so many industries, it’s involved in the packaging of the food you eat, the cars you drive and the houses you live in. The ideas of an artist, or a designer, are intertwined with almost everything, from machinery in factories to the clothes you wear.

“Without art, the world stays still. The world is always moving forward and changing. Art drives change.

“If you’re going to work for 60 years, why not do something that you’re passionate about. Why wouldn’t you want to wake up and do something you love every single day!”

A passionate answer, and one that gives just a glimpse of some of the careers that can await after studying Art and Design. Here are some of the potential careers that studying art and design can lead to:

Fashion Designer
You could follow in the footsteps of famous designers including Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney or Alexander McQueen, who all studied at the prestigious University of the Arts London (UAL) – the awarding body for our Art and Design courses.

If you’re passionate about buildings and architecture, studying Art and Design can give you a great grounding for a career as an architect.

This may seem like an obvious career choice, but you could become an artist. Follow in the footsteps of Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso and make your living through your artwork, whether it be paintings, ceramics, sculpture or more.

Graphic Designer
If you like the idea of creating visual concepts that communicate ideas and inspire, inform and captivate customers then a career as a graphic designer could be for you. Your work can be incredibly varied, from designing for websites, advertisements, brochures and magazines to packaging and reports.

Arts Administrator
As an Arts Administrator you will play an important part in the development of new projects, you’ll manage activities and projects and facilitate the work of artists and arts programmes. You might work with arts festivals and centres, dance companies, local authorities and arts councils or theatres, galleries and museums.

What Skills Will I Gain Studying Art and Design?

A career in art or design might not be your ambition. And that’s fine. You don’t have to want to work in the industry to benefit from what you’ll learn at College.

As well as gaining the technical knowledge and skills you’d expect of an art and design course, when you choose to study art, you will acquire creative thinking, visual communication and problem-solving skills. These are skills that are inherent in the way that artists think, but that many other, more lineal, industries really lack. You’ll also gain research skills; your projects will often come from inspiration gained by researching other artists and artwork. What’s more, you’ll also learn how to deliver feedback, an important process within art and design is peer-to-peer feedback and crits.

If employers look for transferable skills then the skills you’ll gain studying art and design gives them a symphony of choice.

Are you ready to Be the Future? Find out more about Art and Design at Retford Post-16 Centre. 

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