A Sport student running on a treadmill.

Fit Feb – Join Our 100km College’s Circular Fitness Challenge

3 February 2021

If, like many of us, you’re struggling for motivation to get out and move during the latest lockdown, the Sport and Public Services team at North Notts College have a fitness challenge that can help get your motivation flowing.

Sport tutors at the College are challenging their students to get out and walk, run or cycle a total of 100km each – or the distance between each of our College sites from Retford Post-16 Centre via North Notts College, to Rotherham College and onto Dearne Valley College and back.

With fitness being for all and to encourage everyone to get moving, they have opened up the challenge to anyone who would like to take part.

Rebecca Fores, Curriculum Team Leader for Sport and Public Services at North Notts College will be taking part in the challenge and motivating participants throughout February.

Rebecca said: “Staying active is really important not only for our physical health but our mental health too; it can be a real benefit especially in these strange times where many of us are feeling isolated.”

Rebecca continued: “We all know that competition can be a great motivator, so we wanted to bring an element of that to this challenge – we know that our students can’t wait to get one over on their tutors and beat their progress. We’re sure there’ll be plenty of friendly banter. Ultimately all we’re aiming for is to get our students, and anyone else who wants to join in, motivated to move.

“You can complete the challenge however you’d like, whether it’s little and often as they take the dog for a walk, a series of 5k runs, longer cycles, or going full iron man; whatever gets you moving!”

All activity will be tracked using Strava, available to download from your app store, and the College have set-up a club to allow for easy sharing of progress, photos and videos of workouts. There will also be a leader board to encourage friendly competition and rivalry.

Remember, if you’re taking part follow the latest COVID-19 Government guidance – only exercise with one other person from outside of your household, and only once per day.


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