Blog: Five Ideas to Enjoy Your Summer

Blog: Five Ideas to Enjoy Your Summer

14 June 2019

Not sure what to do with yourself over summer? We’ve come up with our top 5 ideas to keep active or learn something new during your time off so you can enjoy your summer!

  1. Clean and redecorate your room

Give your room a good clean out! It’ll improve your mood, impress your parents and we’re sure you’ll find lots of things you haven’t seen in ages that have been buried or fallen down the back of your drawers!

While you’re cleaning is also the perfect time to re-arrange or re-decorate your room and get rid of anything you don’t want to keep.

  1. Learn how to cook

Have a go at cooking some simple dishes, make a cake or mix some drinks! There are lots of easy recipes online you can try out, you might even develop a passion for cooking or baking!

The BBC have some great recipe ideas. Or have a look at one of our favourites for ice lolly ideas on The Food Network to help keep you cool!

  1. Plan a trip

Who doesn’t love a trip? It doesn’t have to be expensive or far away, get some friends together and head somewhere you’ve not been before.

A few places close by to visit include Blyth Activity Centre, Savoy Cinema, Laser Labyrinth, Mr Straw’s House, Creswell Crags and The Harley Gallery. Not to mention all the amazing nature locations nearby, see number 5 for some location ideas!

  1. Volunteer work

If you like helping others with your free time why not volunteer at a local homeless shelter or if you love animals work on a nearby farm, stable or animal shelter.

You’ll gain experience, skills and give something back to the community. You can also update your CV to include your new work experience!

  1. Take up walking

Walking is a great way to stay fit, see new places and can improve your mental health. Our top picks in the area for walking include Clumber Park, Sherwood Forest, Thoresby Hall, Rufford Abbey Country Park, Creswell Crags, Langold Country Park and The Canch Park.

Have a look at this info from the NHS for tips how to take up walking as a hobby.


These are just 5 ideas for keeping busy so you can enjoy your summer holidays, remember there are lots more, find something you love! It’s also important to look after your mental health, why not download an app such as Headspace, Mindfulness Daily, Simple Habit, 3 Minute Mindfulness or Reflectly.

If you haven’t already decided what to do this September it’s not too late to apply now for one of our courses.

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