Food drive at North Notts College

Food Drive Helps Locals in Need

20 June 2019

Level 1 Computing student Christopher Cutts has organised a successful food drive for those less fortunate in the Worksop area.

Christopher, who volunteers at his local Bassetlaw Food Bank every Thursday morning, managed to receive several tins of soup, shampoo, packs of pasta, rice and toothpaste.

Christopher said: “Quite a few staff and students have donated. I’ve been asking for mainly tinned and dried food because fresh foods like fruit and vegetables tend to go out of date quickly.

Leaner Support Assistant Lynn Crowder was supervising Christopher at his food drive stall in North Notts College’s Learning Resource Centre.

Lynn said: “As part of Christopher’s Computing course, he was asked to complete a personal project he is interested in.

“Chris chose to hold a food drive so he could benefit the local community. He came up with the idea, shared his vision with me and organised the food drive all himself.”

Chris added: “I’ve been telling staff all around the college about it and have made a lot signs and put these up in display areas.”

The food has now been donated to a local Food Bank to help those less fortunate in the local community.

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