Public Services students planning their funding tactics.

Funds for Food – Public Services Learners Help Those in Need

24 October 2019

North Notts College Public Services learners have been helping local disadvantaged people by raising funds for food.

Working under the guidance of National Citizen Service staff, the learners have organised funding tactics to ensure they raise as much as possible to help stock up local food banks in the Worksop area.

Public Services Level 2 learner Jamie Morris is one of the learners involved in setting up the fundraising efforts.

Jamie said: “Two of us have walked around the college raising money plus we’ll be going down to Tesco to buy food soon with the money we raise. These are desperate people who are in need of this kind of help.

“This is a project that we’ve helped organise; I’ve printed out lists and tables to help track donations. We’ve made a map of where we’ll be walking through town whilst helping raise money and have also made a risk assessment of our trip.”

Public Services Level 3 learner Tom Newsome has been collecting funds for purchasing food.

Tom added: “We’re collecting donations of money or food to help those in need in the Worksop area. We’ve so far raised about £25 but are hoping to hit £30 – that means loads of cans of soup for people who need it.”

National Citizen Service Team Leader Zhane Hope has been supervising the students as they organise the fundraising activities.

Zhane said:  “We help young people build their self-confidence and challenge them to do new things. The government wants people to get more involved with their local communities and so we’re here to help facilitate that.

“I really enjoy working with learners; it is brilliant to see the learners here come together as a group. It was initially difficult as there are few strong characters here, though they’ve found their individual strengths and what they’re comfortable with and are now all really interested in the fundraising project.

“They’ve pooled their talents together well and are an effective team.”


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