‘Five Ways to Get Back in the Groove After the Festive Break'

Five Ways to Get Back in the Groove After the Winter Break

14 January 2022

Everyone loves time off, whether it’s a Friday night takeaway to signal the start of the weekend or booking a hotel in Tenerife to signal the countdown to your summer holidays. Taking time off and relaxing during the holidays is no different.

Picture this, your first day back at College after a lengthy Christmas break, you’re rested, refreshed and eager to learn…. or is it 8am and you’re still in bed, you’ve overslept and you’re about to miss the bus to College.

The process of getting your mind back into studying can be challenging, especially after an exciting break like the Winter holidays. However, with the right techniques in place, getting back your study groove can be much easier, even fun.

To help you figure out what these techniques are, we’ve put together a few things you can do to get back in the groove after the winter holidays.

Set Achievable Goals

After a break way from College, it’s time to get back into studying, course work and classes. You can make this process easier by setting yourself study goals and make plans to help you organise items you might need in the long run such as being aware of deadlines. A useful tip when it comes to deadlines is to plan ahead, set yourself internal deadlines for your work well in advance of the final deadline to ensure you are hitting your own personal targets first.

Pick a Suitable Study Spot

Picking a study spot is a fantastic way to work your way towards getting back into studying after the holidays. Finding the perfect study spot allows you to make the most of your study time, enhance your concentration and steer clear of any annoyances or distractions. Try to find a quiet and comfortable place at home where you can work without distractions, a home office, the kitchen, or dining room table, or perhaps your bedroom, if you feel you can focus in any of these areas. Or if you don’t feel like you have space at home, why not make use of the College Library, Canteen or even a public library.

Finding your ideal workspace will allow you to concentrate efficiently and prepare for College. Apart from this, it will help you organise resources that you use while studying such as a tablet or laptop.

Go Over Previous Notes

If you are still struggling to focus and get your groove back, it’s always worth refreshing your memory by looking over your old notes you made before the holiday break.

Referring to your old notes can have a big impact on your knowledge and remind you what you were working on before the break. This can help you recall concepts and keep your memory fresh for the new term. Holidays are fun, but as students, it’s important to be ready to prepare yourself for studying once the holidays end.

Talk To Your Peers

Talking with your friends and fellow classmates can change how you feel about getting back into studying. Discussing with others about their own personal tips and tricks for getting back into studying can help you get your study groove back too. They may have their own ways of working that you could adapt to suit you.

Try Not to Stress or Worry

If you find yourself struggling with the thought of getting back into the grind, it’s important to stay relaxed and remember that your tutors are here to help you be ready for whatever challenges are yet to come. Try to think positively and remember why it was that you chose to study this course in the first place. This can help you to worry less and offers you a greater sense of confidence.


Many students suffer from stress or worry and experience a lot of other strong feelings when they think about returning to school after a long break. Of course, it can sometimes be very hard getting back in the groove after a holiday, especially a festive one, where you’ve enjoyed late nights, lie-ins, maybe even spending all day in your pyjamas. But it’s crucial to be able to get back in the swing of things and get your study groove back.

Whether you are suffering from stress, struggling to sleep or simply need someone to talk to, the College and our supported services are here to help. Through Togetherall, a free service available to all students, you are provided with the space and forum to share your feelings and express yourself creatively in their anonymous global community.

You will also have access to trained professional who are available 24/7 and access a library filled with self-care resources – including clinical tests, tips and guided group courses with topics ranging from Managing Stress and Anxiety to Quitting Smoking.


We hope the above tips come in handy, but if you are still struggling, please feel free to contact our friendly Student Services team

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