Jamie Smith, the Executive Chairman of Google partner company, C-Learning who spoke to the Business students of North Notts College.

Entrepreneur Jamie Smith Visits Business Students at North Notts College

9 November 2021

Businesses are one of the key cornerstones in most societies around the world, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt as the wheels of globalisation turned ever faster and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship took centre stage.

Jamie Smith is one entrepreneur who has seen his organisation boom as a result of the pandemic. Jamie is the Executive Chairman of Google partner company, C-Learning, who specialise in using leading technologies to help people and organisations learn and achieve in education.

Using Google’s own Technology, Jamie paid a virtual visit to Business students at North Notts College to speak about the ups, downs and roundabouts associated with running a company.

Speaking about the initial steps of starting a business and the key to being a successful entrepreneur, he said: “For me, the most important thing was being curious. If you are curious about things that interest you, and you ask questions about things that interest you, it can spark a drive for innovation and entrepreneurship.”

As well as Jamie providing the students with an insight into starting their own business, students had the opportunity to ask their own questions. The curious students asked about the ins and outs of organisational structures, how the pandemic has impacted businesses, skills that are in-demand for employers and how they, as future students, can capitalise on growing trends such as e-learning.

Business Lecturer, Safida Ali spoke about how important guest lecturers such as Jamie are for the students.

She said: “It is a great privilege for our students to learn from guest speakers like Jamie. These talks offer students the opportunity to learn key skills and knowledge about the world of business such as networking and entrepreneurship.”

Speaking about his own journey to success Jamie highlighted the importance of education. He said: “The only way to a better life is education. Through education, I nurtured my entrepreneurial skills and I learned one of the most valuable business skills, networking.”

C-Learning were the first technology specialists to introduce Google Chromebooks to educators in the UK and today partner with companies such as HP, Acer and ASUS. Much of the success Jamie has had with C-Learning he puts down to education, and the drive to learn and work with something you love.

Finishing up his talk with the students, he commented on this, saying: “Colleges are a gateway to anything in the world that you students want to do.

“You are going to be learning all your life, so I implore you to learn about something that you love.”


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