Lorien Storey sits with a book.

New Year, New Future

11 January 2017

The New Year is here and it’s a time when traditionally many of us will make New Year Resolutions.  Some of us hope to gain that fabulous new figure, want to get fitter and book yearly subscriptions to gyms and spas.  A New Year is also a great time for starting something new so whilst keeping the body fit why not look at keeping the mind fit too!

Part-time courses are a great way to keep your mind active, learn new skills and make new friends.  North Notts Community provision offers a great range of courses, some are creative courses, such as cake decoration, needlecraft courses, improve your computer skills or gain tips on how to take better photos and much more

One of these activities could bring you a whole new interest, give you the opportunity to make new friends and there are no exams to worry about at the end of the course.

Lorien Storey started her dream business after participating in one of North Notts community courses. The short part-time cake decoration course opened a whole new world for her, developing a creative side she didn’t know she had.  Lorien now runs her own successful cake decorating business and is often fully booked months in advance.

Lorien enrolled on a cake decoration course after wanting to create better birthday cakes for her children. She admits she didn’t know much about decorating cakes and found the course fascinating.

“Sue Brown, the tutor, really inspired me to keep learning about cake decorating and to keep challenging myself to do bigger and better designs.  The course was brilliant and I learnt such a lot, I have a great deal to thank her for. The class has given me so much confidence as well and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t taken that first step.  It definitely set me on the right path.”

Why not make a difference this year and give yourself the opportunity of a new a future for 2017.

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