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Be part of the change at NNC

1 August 2016

North Notts College prepares for the new academic year with a spectacular new image as part of a £1 million plus investment carried out over the summer. This includes a new frontage together with other internal refurbishments such as a new reception and student services area, for the new cohort of students starting their study at the college this September.

The College has already gone through some major changes as it celebrated the recent merger with Rotherham College to form the RNN Group earlier in the year and now looks forward to the start of a new academic year with new and improved facilities and resources, to give students a better experience in their learning environment.

If you have not already decided what you to do next, now is the ideal time to look at your options. Whether you are taking the next step after your GCSEs, wish to improve your job prospects, develop a new career path, retrain for a new job or even consider going onto university. If you want a brighter future then you need to start believing it can happen and invest in you!

Jake Gilbert, 18 and from Chesterfield had a passion to become a personal trainer and enrolled on the BTEC Level 3 sports and personal trainer course at NNC in September 2014 after completing his secondary education at Heritage High School.

This two year course saw Jake progress in his fitness and knowledge of sport and has reinforced his ambition to become a personal trainer working in a gym environment.

“Since I first started the course my confidence has grown and my attitude has changed, I feel much more positive and willing to give things a try and not as afraid to try new things anymore.” said Jake. “The tutors really know their stuff and encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone and really push yourself hard with some of the activities and it’s a great feeling when you accomplish something that you thought you couldn’t.

“I would recommend this course to anyone wanting a career in sport, it’s not just about fitness.”

Joe Charles, age 34, completed his Level 4 Counselling course at North Notts College recently and got his dream job in the counselling sector. Joe, who previously worked at a bank, knew it wasn’t the career he wanted and took the part-time option of studying in the evenings to achieve his counselling qualifications, as it was the most convenient way to fit it around his other commitments.

Joe was offered a permanent position as a Counsellor by Mind, the company he had his placement with whilst on the course. “Doing this course has got me to where I wanted to be” said Joe. “It was hard work fitting everything in such as studying, having a full-time job and a placement at the same time but well worth it for achieving my ideal career”.

Mind is an independent charity set up in 1971 committed to improving mental health and promoting self-help and empowerment as a route to prevention and recovery.

Another popular part time course is the Access to HE Diploma course which is ideal for preparing young adults for university and is aimed at giving the confidence, knowledge and academic skills required to be successful.

Cheryl Saunders took the Access to HE Diploma course in 2010-11 together with maths, English and IT qualifications. At the age of 34, Cheryl decided to retrain and found the course a challenge at times through being dyslexic. “But it was brilliant, I was offered lots and lots of support, the staff were amazing and friendly.” said Cheryl.

“I’ve been to university and am now a fully qualified Occupational Therapist. What a change it made to my life.”

North Notts College offers a wide range of courses for school leavers and adults, across all levels from introductory part-time and short course through to professional qualifications and Higher Education including Degrees.

If you would like to be part of the change at North Notts College but are unsure as to your next step why not give us a call on 01909 504500 and discuss your options with one of our qualified career advisers who can help you make the right choice for you and advise on the right steps to take to get you to your chosen career.

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