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Six Tips to Keep Healthy in College

7 April 2023

World Health Day was established by the World Health Organisation and is celebrated on 7 April every year. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about health and wellbeing and improve our quality of life.

So, on this World Health Day, we want to motivate our students to keep healthy in college.

These are our top tips for keeping healthy and looking after yourself as well as your environment.

Tip 1: Look after your physical wellbeing

Taking the time to get exercise each day will increase your energy, reduce any feelings of anxiety and depression, and improve your brain function. Staff and students at North Notts College can use the whole fitness suite for a discounted rate.

Click below to find out more about our fitness suite:

Tip 2: Take care of your mental health

There are many ways in which you can manage your mental wellbeing, including by spending time with friends and family, learning new skills to promote relaxation and reduce stress, and cutting back on the amount of time spent on technology. If you feel the need for support with this, all campuses have qualified mental health first aiders to support you in any time of need.

Tip 3: Eat a well-balanced diet

Eating healthier and making small changes to your diet, including more fruits and vegetables, can have a big impact on your health. The benefits include increased energy, more focus, and a reduced chance of illness.

Tip 4: Get enough sleep each night

Teenagers and adults need around 8 hours of sleep to fully function throughout the day. Make sure that you are regularly getting enough sleep to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Tip 5: Take part in social activities

Taking part in social activities and making new friends with similar interests will have a big impact on your life. Meeting those with shared interests can add more fulfilment and enrichment to your daily routine. North Notts College has a wide range of groups and social events that you can enjoy. Please take a look at the enrichment boards located in the reception area for more information.

Tip 6: Consider learning about health and social care

This is one of the top skills in short supply in the UK. It will not just open doors for a career in health and social care but also help you take care of your own health and that of those in your family. North Notts College offers courses in health and social care at all levels.

Check out these courses offered by the Health and Social Care Department:

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