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Support for SEND and High Needs Learners and their Parents and Carers

15 May 2020

As the current situation with Coronavirus and the closure of our Colleges continues, we understand this can be a particularly unsettling time for our learners who are most vulnerable or who have the most complex needs.

We are working hard to provide as much support as we can to all of our learners and will continue to do so. Our Tutors and Learning Support Assistants are maintaining regular contact with our learners via telephone, email, video calls and through the range of G-Suite tools and resources.

We are also sending paper-based learning resources or individual learning packs to our learners who are unable to access materials online and we are helping those without internet access at home by providing dongles to ensure they are able to access our digital learning resources.

In these strange times many people have been feeling a little more anxious or overwhelmed than normal, which is why our health and wellbeing team are offering a range of support via the telephone or email. Learners can speak with a range of staff including Welfare Officers, Mentors and Counsellors.

In addition to this, our learners and staff can access confidential online support through our new partnership with Big White Wall. Big White Wall offers 24/7 mental health support in a completely confidential and secure online environment. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, struggling to sleep or simply need someone to talk to, Big White Wall can help you take control and feel better.

RNN Group Head of SEND and High Needs, Tanya Gerstmar offers the following advice to learners from across the Colleges.

“Whilst we can’t see and talk to you face-to-face at the moment remember we are only a phone call or email away if you are struggling or just want a chat with a familiar and friendly voice, and if you’d prefer not to talk to your tutor or Learning Support Assistant please make use of the excellent resources that are available to you such as EPS or Big White Wall.”

If you have questions or require additional support please contact your tutor or Learning Support Assistant, or get in touch with:


Angela Bates

Assistant Principal (Student Support and Safeguarding) and North Notts College Campus Manager

01909 504731



Tanya Gerstmar

Head of SEND & High Needs

01709 513333 Ext 1021 or 07805 762882


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