Daniel, Shannon and George holding their teamwork awards.

Recognition for Retford Learners who receive Teamwork Award

17 April 2020

Three Higher Education students from North Notts College, have been recognised for their outstanding teamwork with a Student Teamwork Award.

George Evans, Shannon Bennett and Daniel Fitzpatrick have shown exceptional abilities to work together as well as being proud advocates of the Sport and Exercise Science courses available at Retford Post-16 Centre.

The trio have set up an informal mentoring scheme for learners on lower-level courses, offering support and guidance on key concepts from the course and providing guidance on academic requirements, such as referencing.

They have also become advocates for North Notts College courses available in Retford, showing great initiative by approaching local schools and arranging to deliver presentations to Year 12 and 13 pupils about the range of higher-level Sport courses available locally at Retford Post-16 Centre.

Daniel Fitzpatrick spoke about the skills the group have gained through delivering presentations in schools.

Daniel said: “We wanted to help raise awareness of the courses because we’ve enjoyed our time here, and we want to help people realise what is available on their doorstep.

“This experience has definitely given me new skills. I’ve learnt how to present, work effectively in a team and increased my confidence when talking in front of people.

“I think we’ve also had a couple of people apply to study the course from the schools that we’ve visited; the effort has been worthwhile.”

Shannon Bennett was heavily involved in mentoring students from the Level 4 HNC in Sports Science.

Shannon said “A lot of the support we’ve given has been showing them how to use Harvard referencing as it’s not something that they’ve used before, and giving advice on structuring work effectively.

“I think the three of us have also been able to point other learners in the right direction when it comes to finding books and articles to reference. I think they find it easier to approach us and ask for help rather than a tutor.

“These experiences have definitely helped me develop the skills I’ll need for the future; I’m thinking of becoming a teacher when I finish my degree.”

North Notts College Curriculum Team Leader for Sports Charlotte Prentice nominated the trio for the award.

Charlotte said: “I was so impressed that they wanted to speak in schools. They’re real advocates for the College and the courses available here in Retford. I encouraged them to pursue going into the schools as they’re proud of the course.

“I also thought they deserved recognition for the support they’ve offered in terms of mentoring the learners on lower-level courses. I’m really proud of how proactive the three of them have been.”


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