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Unlock Your Potential

19 August 2022

If you think towards the future and imagine how it might look – what do you see? Do you have a vague idea of where you might be in the future, or no clue at all? 

When making big decisions that impact your future it can all get a little bit confusing – A-levels or an apprenticeship? Sixth-form or College? How are you supposed to know which path to take? 

Let’s find out how to navigate these tricky decisions…

Discover Your Preferences

Throughout your everyday life you are constantly making choices. When it comes to preference it is difficult to say why we choose spaghetti bolognese over beans on toast, Lewis Capaldi over The Arctic Monkeys or the new Air Forces over Converse. All we know is that you made the choice for a reason. 

So when it comes to your future, what are your preferences? What reasoning do you have behind those preferences? To help you answer this, try writing down a list of things that you enjoy doing and ways that you like doing these things – Do you like to work with others in groups or would you rather explore your own mind and work alone? Do you enjoy being creative with clothes, music or food? Does the idea of working with technology and machinery excite you? 

The answers to these questions tend to take a bit of time for most of us to answer. So don’t panic and if you find yourself stuck, try to ask yourself: what sort of things excite you to learn more about? Here it is also key to ask yourself, how do I want to learn? Do you learn best by being told how to do something, shown how to do something or reading how to do something?

Looking at what gives you joy, and what environment is best for your interests, can help you unlock your future career. If you need help finding the answers to these questions, we have a designated team ready to guide you and help you find your best fit!

Research Your Interests

Once you know what sort of things interest you and how you like to engage with these interests, the hardest part of your future choice is done. Now you need to let your interests guide you!

Now, I know that might sound a little odd, but it actually can be the key to your success. By finding out what careers are connected to your interests, you can start to build a few different paths and see which one excites you the most. Here it is important to talk to individuals who work in the career you’re interested in. The simplest way to do this is to go onto a company website and reach out via email or phone them up for a quick chat – you’d be surprised by how much people love talking about their careers. 

The lessons which can be learnt from doing your research and talking to experts from fields that interest you could help you ensure that it’s the right course for you, or steer you in a different direction.

Learning from our experts

Real-world expertise, having the chance to learn from experts and experienced professionals within your field may be an important factor before choosing your next steps after school. If you are interested in Arts, Graphic Design, Business, Childcare, Computing and Digital, Construction, Engineering, Motor Vehicle, Hair and Beauty or Sport, then you can not only learn from the experts, but actually work with them every day.

Technical courses at North Notts College, such as the ones listed above, combine theoretical learning with hands-on experience, taught by people who have worked in the real world within your interest area. Their knowledge and expertise will equip you with the skills and behaviours you need to succeed in your chosen career.

As well as being taught by experienced teachers, the environment at North Notts College is also often adapted to your interests and your future career path. These environments are designed to help prepare you for the future YOU want. By using industry-standard equipment you develop real-world skills within your chosen industry giving you the head start right from the moment you leave us.

If you want to find out more about our courses, or just have a general chat about YOUR choice of future, please feel free to call us on 01909 504500 or explore our full range of courses.

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