Jason Austin, CEO of RNN Group, John Savage director of National Fluid Power Centre and Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith meeting at the National Fluid Power Centre to discuss development of businesses in Worksop and Bassetlaw

Engineering a Bright Future for Worksop!

6 December 2021

Last Friday, Jason Austin, Ceo and Principal of the RNN Group and John Savage, Director of the National Fluid Power Centre met up with Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith to discuss the ongoing projects related to the development and upskilling of businesses in Worksop and Bassetlaw.

The National Fluid Power Centre will see significant investment in training courses for craftspeople from SMEs in the local area. Skills related to predictive maintenance, which will be serving a wide array of industries across the entire UK, ranging from food manufacturing to logistics, will be delivered at the centre.

Jason Austin:  “We are very proud of the work of the National Fluid Power Centre and their crucial role in supporting the STEM industries, developing skills on a local, regional, national and international scale. This is truly an exciting time for us!”

John Savage: “The integrated systems engineering technology and skills being developed at the centre play a crucial role in many core industries, such as the food, manufacturing and logistics industries. The knowledge being developed to handle this technology will help businesses in Worksop and all over the world!”

Brendan Clarke-Smith: “Having a nationally and globally significant training centre in Worksop is a huge asset to our area and is a massive boost in our goal of bringing high skilled and high paid jobs to the local communities.

The upskilling and development taking place at the National Fluid Power Centre will help bring Worksop to the world!”


To learn more about the exciting times ahead, visit the National Fluid Power Centre’s website.

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