Social media influencer and YouTuber, Rebecca Capel delivering a make-up masterclass.

Instagram Influencer Delivers Make-up Masterclass at Retford Post-16 Centre

31 March 2020

A former North Notts College Media Make-up learner, turned social media influencer and YouTube star, returned to Retford Post-16 Centre to deliver a make-up masterclass and talk about the opportunities available on social media with current Level 3 Theatrical and Media Make-Up learners.

Rebecca Capel has built a following of almost 35,000 subscribers on YouTube and has over 46,000 followers on Instagram.  Her channels focus on the latest makeup products, makeup tutorials and creating bold and colourful looks.

Rebecca began her masterclass by talking a little about social media and how important it has been before creating a ‘crazy and creative’ look on her models.

Rebecca said: “I chose to study Media Make-up at North Notts College which was delivered at Retford Post-16 Centre when I was 18, so five years ago. I did my A Levels first but decided I’d rather be a Make-up Artist than a Radiographer.

“My advice to the learners today is to take a picture of everything they do – get it on social media, tag the brands, tag the products, list every single thing they’ve used and don’t be afraid to share it.

“It’s a different world now. When I was studying I thought I’d go down a more traditional route – perhaps for a brand or that I’d go freelance, maybe bridal or TV. But there is so much opportunity in social media – it’s global and there is a broad audience that you can appeal to, the things that I’ve got from social media in terms of jobs, bookings and contracts is crazy!”

Rebecca also offered the current learners some sage advice about social media and YouTube. She added: “Social media can be satisfying, I’ve gained so much from it, but it can also be a bit lonely because it’s just you and a camera. I like to keep the client-side of things so I get some interaction with other people! Working with clients really boosts your confidence. As soon as I got to a point where I was working with clients that was when I really found my own way of doing make-up and got my own routine.”

North Notts College Level 3 Fashion, Theatre and Media Make-up learner Phoebe Longworth attended the masterclass and was preparing for a competition the next day.

Phoebe added: “The masterclass has really helped me, I wanted to learn how to better blend different colours together so watching and listening to Rebecca as she went through the process has been really useful. I’ll definitely apply some of the tips that she’s given us today.”

Another learner who benefitted from the masterclass was Holly Davis who is also studying the Level 3 Fashion, Theatre and Media Make-up course at Retford Post-16 Centre.

Holly said: “I think Rebecca’s talk around social media has shown that we should push ourselves, instead of taking pictures and not putting them anywhere we should get them out there.

“I use social media to promote my work, and I’ve got a website but I’ve definitely learnt a few things from Rebecca today.”

North Notts College Senior Curriculum Team Leader Karen Connole taught Rebecca when she was studying at Retford Post-16 Centre and organised the masterclass.

Karen said: “Masterclasses like this are invaluable. I invited Rebecca in today because I wanted to show our current learners that ‘success’ doesn’t need to be a lot of years away after completing their course.

“The opportunities for make-up artists are different now, and I think Rebecca is an example of that, what she is doing on YouTube and Instagram wouldn’t have been an option a few years ago.

“I have to say I’m so proud of Rebecca and what she has achieved, she was telling me earlier about some of the contracts she has and the brands she works with. She is definitely an inspiration to our current learners, and we’ll be inviting her back in to talk to our Level 2 learners.”


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