Nottinghamshire police visit Public Services students for talk on spit guards

Nottinghamshire Police Visit Public Services Students for Talk on Spit Guards

18 December 2017

PC Phil Snape visited our Public Services students to discuss the potential use of spit guards within the police – a controversial issue that has seen an increase throughout the UK of civilians spitting at police in retaliation of arrest.

PC Snape said, “I’ve come to talk with North Notts students today to get their opinion of spit guards, and explaining how it may affect them if they decide to join the police force. Spitting is regarded as a common assault that can easily spread germs and disease, and so the use of spit guards is becoming more necessary to protect our health and safety.”

Students were asked questions on what type of uses spit guards have, what they think they look like and how to use one. One student then volunteered to wear an example spit guard, to demonstrate how they are attached to the offender if needed.

PC Snape also showed footage surrounding spit guards and answered any other questions surrounding the role of police officer. He added, “spit guards should only be used when absolutely necessary, or if the offender has a history of the assault. Fortunately, Nottinghamshire police have not experienced an increase in spitting when making arrests; however, the issue still concerns the public and so it is important we consult the public before spit guards are implemented within our region.”

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