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Unlock Your Potential – At North Notts College

4 January 2022

A new year always brings with it a lot of clichés about ‘New Year, New Me’, filled with the promise of being a better version of yourself, that eats less chocolate and spends more time at the gym.

Although this idea sounds nice in theory, it very rarely plays out that way. We often work our way through the first week or two, but once the treats and sweets of the holiday season are but a distant memory, we tend to find ourselves back in the same routines as before.

So how do we break the cruel curse of post-Christmas clichés and finally unlock our New Year’s potential?

When it comes to choosing your next step in education and finding the keys to unlocking your potential, the trick lies in two simple words… understanding and asking


Understand yourself

Although this may sound like another ‘New Year, New Me’ phrase, understanding yourself, in regards to the next step in your education, is simply about finding out what excites you, what hobbies or interests you have, what subjects in school you actually enjoy. If you can think of one or a few examples of answers to these questions, then keep reading! If you’re still unsure, that’s completely normal – try giving this a read; It’s filled with loads of tips, tricks and info on how to figure out what you like!


Understand your goals

Once you know what your interests are and you’ve figured out which subjects, hobbies or tasks excite you, you’ve done the hardest bit!

The next step is to try to understand what sort of careers and education match up with your interest. Matching up your interests with a course is simple. At North Notts College, we offer a wide array of courses, so you can find the perfect course to suit your interests. Our courses range from Business, Childcare, and Computing and Digital to Motor Vehicle, Sport and Hair and Beauty, and so much more!

If you prefer a more practical form of learning, which allows for you to earn as you learn, then an Apprenticeship could be the perfect fit for you! We offer a whole host of different Apprenticeships. Have a scroll through our Apprenticeship’s page and find out if practical learning is your route to unlocking your potential.

While you’re thinking about what educational path to choose, have a flip through our virtual course guide or visit our website to learn more about the courses and Apprenticeships that we have on offer!


Understand your environment

The next step in helping you find the ideal education and career is to get an understanding of your learning environment. But what is a learning environment? The word learning environment is just an umbrella term for the place where you will be learning. Within this environment, you will find the College buildings, course-specific facilities, teachers, extracurricular activities and rooms, such as the library, and so much more!

At North Notts College, you will learn in industry-standard facilities, where you will have access to all of the equipment, machinery and tools that are used in real-world working environments. Every course has its own purpose fitted learning environment with all the tools, gadgets and machinery you will need to reach your goals!

As well as our facilities, you will also be taught by our amazing team of industry-experienced tutors. Our tutors have been handpicked to help you unlock your potential with area-specific knowledge, designed to give you an insight into what working in your chosen profession is actually like.


Ask for help

The final piece of advice we’ll leave you with is to ask for help. Choosing the next step in your education can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Talk to your parents, friends, relatives, teachers, careers advisors, but just remember that it’s what you want that matters.

Make sure to listen to current College students as well, as not too long ago they were in a very similar situation to you. Media Make-up student Oliver Helm started his College experience at Level 2 and is now doing his Level 5 at North Notts College Post-16 centre in Retford.

Speaking about his College experience, he said: “College has been very beneficial to my future and discovering who I am, and what I want to do.

“All of our tutors have such a wealth of experience and are in the know regarding what you can do in the industry.”

If you’re looking for the best opportunity to ask all of your questions and get a tour of your future learning environment, then our open events are the best place for you!

Still unsure what step to take next? Feel free to reach out to our friendly Learner Recruitment Team for more information about College life and our range of Student Support Services by either calling 01909 504500 or

email to contact@nnc.ac.uk.


Unlock your potential with us today!

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