The 'Wall of Light' project created by Construction students

Construction Students Unveil ‘Wall of Light’ Project

2 February 2018

Construction students at North Notts College paid tribute to Holocaust Memorial Day last week by unveiling their ‘Wall of Light’ project, a project created in collaboration with the Arts and Foundation department to raise the student’s awareness of the Holocaust and to honour those who suffered.

The completion of the wall was marked by a visit to the National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Laxton, where they met a survivor and took part in a talk.

Martin Lane, Construction tutor at the College, said that the project was important in educating students about the events of the Second World War, and that the ‘hands-on’ approach of building the wall gives students the opportunity to learn the history in a different way.

Whilst working on the project, student Filip Bialowas was inspired to research his family history in Poland, and discovered that he had relatives who were affected in the Holocaust. Finding this out gave the project a new meaning to Filip, and he has arranged to visit his family in Poland to find out more about his family history.

Students on the Access to Art and Design course at the College created printed quotes of famous icons and activists, such as Anne Frank and Rosa Parks on tracing paper, as well as images of the shoes and rings taken from inmates in the concentration camps, to accompany the wall. The students used brass rings and shoelaces to tie the images to the fence in front of the wall, representing the items lost.

Glass jars decorated by the Foundation students were used to hold the candles that were lit along the wall in a mark of respect.

On Tuesday 23rd January, the Wall of Light was unveiled and opened to all students and staff from across the College to reflect and pay their respects throughout the day.

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