Choose Your Future

Choose Your Future

13 August 2021

Choosing College as your next step towards your future will be one of the most exciting choices you’ll make. Your time at College will be centred around your passions, your interests, and helping you to prepare for your future. Surrounded by like-minded peers you’ll make friendships for life and meaningful connections – expanding your college experience beyond the classroom.

Your working life may seem quite far away and you might not be sure about what direction you want to take – or you might know exactly what route you want your future to go down. Wherever you are in your journey, at North Notts College, our goal is to help you reach the future you want.

Whether you are looking to unleash your creative potential through Hair and Beauty, master your trade through Construction, Engineering, or Motor Vehicle, or have a passion for Sport and fitness, we have a course for you.

Within our state-of-the-art facilities, you will be surrounded by environments that reflect the working world, designed to prepare you for your future career and give you an edge in the workplace. You will have the opportunity to work on engines of all sizes in our Engineering and Motor Vehicle workshops; Showcase your creativity on paying customers in our Hair & Beauty salon, INSync; or learn your trade in our purpose-built Construction workshops alongside testing your skills in some of our construction projects in the local community.

As well as honing your skills and preparing for your future career, College is also about your overall experience. Through our Enrichment Programme you will have the opportunity to engage with other students at clubs and as part of forums, hear from employers and businesses within your chosen sector and have your say to make College a better place for your peers. Meet new friends through our freshers’ weeks, or join one of the College’s sports teams, where you get the chance to try every sport from archery to watersports. The goal of our enrichment programme is to give you the best College experience and prepare you for your future, so whether you need help preparing for your driving test or want to know the best study hacks, there is something for you.

When you’re not immersing yourself in the extra-curricular College experience, you’ll be partaking in industry talks, visits and live projects, all led by experienced professionals from your field. As well as external professionals, you will be taught by tutors who bring a wealth of experience from their years in the industry, ensuring that the skills and knowledge you learn are reflective of the real working environment.

We work alongside businesses and professionals from your chosen industry to design the course content you’ll be learning throughout your time at College, which ensures that the knowledge and skills you obtain are sought after in your future workplace. If you can’t wait to get into the working world and begin your future now, then we offer a host of apprenticeships. Through our earn while you learn apprenticeships you will team up with experienced professionals to learn specific, hands-on skills. Apprenticeships are available to people of any age, from a school leaver starting their career to a manager who wants to gain new qualifications.

The future can seem like a mystical and far away place, but your future is exactly what you choose it to be. At North Notts College we provide you with the courses, experts and experience you need to choose your best future.


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